Reality Check

Vulnerable Dialogues: Re-framing Fear

Ever wanted to have a conversation with someone where you know it’s safe to tell them what you believe? I’m offering a Zoom chat in which you can share ONE belief you hold for a reality check. This 30-min process provides a safe environment for you to share and for you to analyze, assess, and decide whether this belief makes sense for you or if it’s time to release it. Think about it, your car needs regular maintenance for it to operate at its optimum performance. Wouldn’t it make sense for your beliefs to have regular check ups?

You will have the ability to be guided through this query process and have a recording of it for you to refer to again as you continue to tune-up your belief system. Those who are willing, can also have it posted online for others to learn from too. Normally the fee is $50 for 30 minutes. But for those who participated in the Dare to Speak Up Event a one-time session is free to the first 50 people using the code you were given. Please fill out the sign-up form below. To enter code, please submit in date format or select from pop-up calendar. Note code expires: 7/1/2020