Belief System

Organized religion today has become unholy to many, because its dogmas are filled with hatred, fear, and control. This is why it is imperative to analyze our beliefs about God. Our consciousness, light, soul cannot be filled with fear and hatred to come into its wholeness.

A belief system that made sense to our parents or grandparents may no longer be applicable for us today. But often we think that their beliefs are our beliefs because we choose not to examine them to determine if they make sense for us today. Any religion that preaches of hell or damnation unless certain dictates are met cannot free our soul.

Sure we may be willing to change how we integrate technology and scientific improvements, to create a new way of operating and being in the world. But when it comes to intangible concepts, such as God, faith, sexuality; we are less willing to examine if our understanding and beliefs make sense, are still valid, are ours or just what we have been conditioned to believe.

In our human need to define God in a particular way and to give God qualities that mankind understands, we limit the totality and boundlessness of God. It’s in our definition that we create the illusion of a God who is separate and without compassion. If we define God as a Supreme Being who controls our lives and destiny, then each of us would be waiting to be saved.

What if in mankind’s drive for answers to the unknowable, the indefinable we have made an error in our understanding of what God is? What if God is simply the unlimited energy of Love, Life, and Light? What if this unlimited energy is in everything, including you and me? Then would we continue to blame God or would we embrace being responsible for saving ourselves and our brothers/sisters. What if the reality is each person is born with divine consciousness, God, inside each of us?

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