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This web site is dedicated to sharing tools and resources to assist each person in their own evolution of consciousness. Our planet and all of humanity is on the precipice of a new awakening. We have realized that whatever we thought normal was, no longer exists. This shift in awareness has been changing in small increments for awhile. Prior to this moment, we have just convinced ourselves that we controlled the systems and structures to dictate how our personal world should look like. However, that was the illusion.

There is nothing in this world that is permanent. All is change. This is wonderful news! This realization allows us to pull back the curtains that covered up our false beliefs and myths to see reality. Our beliefs are what drive us, tell us what’s right and wrong, and give us our world perceptions. Most of these beliefs we hold are really not even our own. They may belong to parents, grandparents, teachers, society, etc. We have been indoctrinated from the time we were children in how to navigate the existing systems in our culture.

But in this new awakening, we get to choose what to believe. In the process of discernment: we analyze, assess, and decide what beliefs to keep and which ones to release. We can change our self-perceptions, change our views of those who may be different than we are, and even come to a new awareness of our own truth. Divine Human Being. This is how we start an evolution of consciousness, by examining one belief at a time. By doing this work we are able to shift emotionally, spiritually, and physically. As each of us awakens, we collectively change this planet to be a place where every individual has value and thrives.

PreachItSister is here to support you and assist you in your awakening using practical spiritual tools. I look forward to being with you on the journey.

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