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  • New Community Starts in Austin Texas!

    New Community Starts in Austin Texas!

    For Spirituality to be worthwhile it must be practical. Belief isn’t enough. We must be able to be in the world in loving kindness with all of humanity. Join us on April 2nd 2023 at 1:30pm in Southwest Austin. 5501 W US Hywy 290, Austin, Texas

  • Hatred isn’t Spiritual

    Hatred isn’t Spiritual

    Sacred texts were written by men, who were inspired by God. From their level of awareness they wrote from their limited knowing. Our society is built on a patriarchal foundation of rules to have people conform. The quickest way to get someone to conform is to create a ferocious and angry God that would harm […]

  • Giving Back is Spiritual

    Giving Back is Spiritual

    Somewhere along the spiritual path we have forgotten that we evolve our consciousness, pray, meditate not only for our well-being but for the well-being of others. When we are centered in our knowing: we are divine humans, we start to overflow with love and kindness. That’s not only for us to feel good. It’s also […]

  • Rise Up

    Rise Up

    Today is the first day of the NEW you. Each day of creation asks us to take a leap of faith. Sometimes it feels scary to shake off the expectations of the people in our lives or even societal norms. But to truly create anew means releasing those old beliefs that we inherited from others. […]

  • Spiritual Awakening

    Spiritual Awakening

    Requires that we look at our beliefs. When we were young our parents, society, teachers told us how the world works and what it should look like. They told us those things to keep us safe and in the hopes that we would be successful in life. But often those ideas are fear-based. As we […]

  • Start Day Positive

    Start Day Positive

    Every morning we awake, we are at a choice point. Do we dread the day that’s upon us? OR Do we rejoice that we are breathing and have the capacity to make it a fabulous day. The critical part of the choice point is are we fear-filled or love-filled. You have come to this planet […]

  • Awakening World

    This web site is dedicated to sharing tools and resources to assist each person in their own evolution of consciousness. Our planet and all of humanity is on the precipice of a new awakening. We have realized that whatever we thought normal was, no longer exists. This shift in awareness has been changing in small […]