Spiritual Awakening

Requires that we look at our beliefs. When we were young our parents, society, teachers told us how the world works and what it should look like. They told us those things to keep us safe and in the hopes that we would be successful in life.

But often those ideas are fear-based. As we do our work to become more of who we were always meant to be, we must also release beliefs that were created in lack consciousness. One of the crucial ideas we learned was that people who are different from us are bad/wrong/unworthy. This concept comes from our primitive thinking of safety and survival. We no longer are in survival mode!!

Every person is of God no matter the language, skin color, or gender. We are not at war with anyone who looks different than us. Everyone is worthy and valuable. Everyone deserves kindness and respect.

The second idea that we learned is that there isn’t enough for everyone. That isn’t true. There is enough for everyone. There is no one who is worth more than another. There is no one more deserving of shelter, food, education, security more than another. We are all in this together. We can only thrive if we all thrive.

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